School Uniform

School uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of our school. The wearing of uniform instils pride; supports positive behaviour; ensures that pupils of all races and backgrounds feel welcome and supports effective teaching and learning. School uniform is not compulsory in Blossom Tree Nursery or school nursery but it is encouraged as it does help to instil a feeling of belonging in our youngest pupils and protects personal, often more expensive, clothing from being damaged due to school activities.

From Reception to Year 6, the governors of the local school board have set a formal burgundy and sky blue school uniform; we expect parents to provide their children with the full and correct uniform.

School clothing

School uniform is:

  • Burgundy sweatshirt / jumper / cardigan
  • Sky blue polo shirt / shirt
  • Grey/black skirt, trousers
  • Grey/black short trousers
  • Blue and white/ red and white gingham dress for summer
  • Plain white or black socks
  • Black or grey tights
  • Black shoes with no logos or markings – not trainers or canvas pumps


Physical Education and Sport

Appropriate clothing for Physical Education is as follows:

  • White tee‐shirt • Black shorts
  • Black/grey/ jogging bottoms for outdoor sessions in cold weather •
  • Pumps with elastic or Velcro (laced pumps are acceptable only if children can tie laces)
  • White/black Socks
  • Tights must be removed for PE lessons
  • Trainers may be worn for outdoor games

All uniform should be clearly labelled with the child’s name.


  • One piece swimming costume
  • Trunks – above the knee
  • A towel will be required for swimming lessons

Children may wear P.E. kit to school on days where P.E. is on their class timetable. Children should keep their PE kit in a bag labelled with their name, which can be hung on their pegs. Long hair must be tied up for PE and swimming lessons and other practical lessons such as Science or Design and Technology.

The Head Teacher is empowered by the Local School Board to prevent the wearing of unsafe or inappropriate items of clothing. These include:

  • Shirts and sweaters which carry slogans or motifs deemed by the Head Teacher to be unsuitable within school.
  • Shoes with raised heels or sling backs as these are unsafe on the school site.
  • Jewellery; bracelets or necklaces


Earrings should not be worn in school. As well as the potential for injury during PE sessions, or playtime and dinner time, the vast majority of the secondary schools our pupils attend do not allow earrings. Staff cannot removed earrings for pupils. If a pupil arrives with earrings in school, they will be asked to remove their own earrings. If pupils cannot do this, parents will be contacted to assist their child to remove their earrings.

Make up and Nail varnish

We do not allow pupils to wear makeup or nail varnish.

Supporting Affordability

To help support affordability and reduce waste, the school is always willing to collect any school uniform in good condition for reuse with other families. Parents can use any provider for school uniform with all non embroidered uniform available at all major supermarkets. The school also supports the Guisborough Free Uniform Bank where recycled uniform from a number of local schools can be obtained free of charge.

Any parent/carer experiencing difficulty in meeting the required standard of uniform is invited to contact the Head Teacher in confidence for support.