School Uniform

The school uniform is a burgundy school sweatshirt with the school logo, and a blue polo shirt. Children’s Initials can be sewn on the sweatshirt for a small amount extra. The school supplier can also provide fleecy jackets, PE shorts and T-shirts. Orders can be placed for school uniform directly with Elizabeth’s embroidery, or online through Tesco. Please pick up a leaflet from the school office for more information. Please label all clothing with sewn in tags or an indelible marker otherwise it is difficult to return lost property. The school does not have lost property storage facilities. Items of clothing, not labelled and not claimed are taken for recycling.

In warm weather many of the girls wear red or green checked dresses which can be bought from most high street shops. Grey or black trousers or skirts can again be bought from any supplier.

We ask that children wear sensible shoes to school to avoid slipping, tripping and other accidents. When it is wet, muddy or snowy the children will need a pair of shoes to change into.

Children need to change for PE. T-shirt, shorts and suitable footwear need to be provided. During different times of the year pupils take part in PE in different parts of the school. When suitable, every effort will be made to get pupils using the excellent outdoor facilities at school. For these sessions outdoor trainers can be worn as well as suitable outdoor clothing such as tracksuit bottoms or track suit tops. ALL PE KIT NEEDS TO BE NAMED.

Tripping hazards in cloakrooms are often created by huge PE bags, which fall off the pegs. We ask that PE clothes be kept in a drawstring bag, which takes up the minimum amount of space.

Swimming in an integral part of the curriculum, and all children between the ages of 7 – 11 years should learn to swim. At New Marske pupils go swimming in Year 3. Swimming may be taught in a block of lessons or over the course of a year. Children are asked to bring their towels and swimming costumes-(and hats if appropriate) on the allotted day. Goggles are not permitted unless a written request is made to the swimming instructor.

If there is any reason why your child is unable to go swimming, please send a letter stating the reason and when swimming will be resumed.