Coronavirus (COVID-19) catch up premium

Catch up priorities

  • Read Write Inc – Nursery – Y3 – including one to one support
  • Tackling Tables – all year groups
  • Individual Class Catch Up Time
  • Keep Fit Keep Healthy





Read Write Inc (September 2020)

The school intend to use the autumn term to carry out an intensive package of support for read, write inc phonics. Within school there is a consistent and successful RWI programme based on good assessment, small groups and one to one groupings.

The catch up funding will be used to provide two extra RWI trained TAs to increase the number of groups; reducing the number of pupils in each group. Groups will increase from 6 groups to 8 groups.  

After the daily RWI session from 9am until 10am, one additional TA, will provide one to one RWI support, as well targeted support in other areas across KS2. Within this support package the school will also access a RWI consultant to review the procedures in supporting pupils in KS1 (£550)


£13 245

The intervention provided valuable support to pupils in Year 1 and Year 2.


During the school led phonic screening check, 88% of pupils in Year 1 passed the check.

Tackling Tables (£330) (September 2020

Over the past year the school have successfully implemented a scheme called Tackling Tables which aimed to improve the times table knowledge of pupils increasing speed and accuracy. Due to restrictions with COVID-19 the usual way of approaching tackling tables has changed due to resources not being used across classrooms and pupils not being able to engage in the tactile nature of the programme.

The catch up premium will be used to purchase 5 further sets of the Tackling Tables resource so that each class can have pairs of children using the resource, reducing the potential to have to swap between children and classes.



All pupils from Y2 to Y6 take part in daily tables practise, with pupils in Y2 also taking part in number bond practice suing the same scheme.

Keep fit: Keep Healthy (September 2021)

To help support KS2 with being active and healthy, increasing their participation in physical and  healthy activities The sessions also focus on learning about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and sleep, all pupils will take part in a 4 week programme about keeping fit, keeping healthy.


To be reviewed in December 2022

Read, Write, Inc Development Day (Recovery focussed)

An opportunity for the school’s RWI consultant to work with the reading lead to identify how provision can be supported to ensure pupils are making the best progress possible


The day led to a restructure of Read, Write, Inc groups which has led to smaller groups and more consistent daily teaching.

Small Group tuition (Fresh Start) October 2021 

After an initial assessment of all pupils in year 5 and Year, small targeted intervention groups were established to support pupils with their phonics awareness.


The sessions provided 15 hours of tuition outside of the school day (3:15pm – 4:15pm)


£6 384

To be reviewed in November 2022