Ofsted Report – 14th July 2016


Overall effectiveness – Good

The school has the following strengths

  • The headteacher, senior leaders and governors have ensured that the areas for improvement from the previous inspection have been successfully tackled.
    n The local authority and teaching alliance has supported the school well in its drive to improve teaching and achieve better outcomes for pupils.
    n Good teaching ensures pupils achieve well and make good progress from their starting points. In 2016, pupils’ achievement was above the national
    average in key stage 2.
    n The school’s approach to teaching phonics (the sounds that letters make) is effective. The proportion of pupils reaching the expected level in the phonics screening check at the end of Year 1 continues to rise and is above average.
    n Governors have a detailed overview of where strengths and weaknesses lie and use this information to challenge leaders.
    n Gaps between the achievement of disadvantaged pupils and others in early years, have closed by the time pupils reach the end of key stage 1.
    n Pupils are proud of their school. Their attendance is good and they value the support they receive.
    n Pupils’ behaviour around school is good and they show positive attitudes to learning. These good attitudes contribute well to their spiritual, moral,
    and social development.
    n Pupils say that they feel safe. Leaders have developed effective safeguarding practices and ensure all staff follow them.
    n Good early years provision ensures children are well-prepared for Year 1.


It is not yet an outstanding school because: 

  • Middle leaders are not sufficiently effective in evaluating and further improving the quality of teaching. As a result, there is variation in the level of challenge for higher attainers and some insecure use of mathematical vocabulary. The quality of marking offered to pupils is also variable.
  • The assessment of children on entry to the Nursery is not precise enough.
  • The expectations of the quality of children’s writing in the Reception class are not high enough; consequently children’s skills in this area are not as well developed as they should be.

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During the Ofsted inspection of July 2016 New Marske Primary School was judged to be a good school by her majesty’s inspectorate. This judgement recognises the hard work our teachers and governors have put into improving the quality of education on offer at school. The judgement also recognises the wonderful attitude to learning that our pupils have. As a school we recognise that our pupils are our    greatest asset and this was certainly on show during the inspection. Many areas of strength were recognised throughout the inspection.

The inspectors commented that:

‘‘The committed team of senior leaders are ambitious for the school’s future and have high expectations of themselves and those they work with.’

This effective leadership has ensured that;

… the current staff are now a strong teaching team who work together well to deliver a good-quality education.

This focus on effective teaching and learning has ensured that:

Year 6 pupils have achieved standards in 2016 which exceed the national average in reading, writing and mathematics. This is a significant improvement since the last inspection. The progress from their starting points in Year 2 is good in all subjects and for all groups.

The impact of this on our pupils was noted as inspectors commented that:

Pupils have a desire and determination to do well and have good attitudes towards learning, which helps them to make good progress. They spoke to the inspector with enthusiasm about their school and their lessons.

It was added that:

All pupils and parents spoken to during the inspection and every pupil and parent who responded to the online questionnaires are confident that children are safe at school.

The report also identified a small number of areas which the school should work on to make New Marske Primary School the Outstanding school it deserves to be.

The inspectors picked out that to improve as a school we need to:

  • Ensure that our middle leaders are paying more of a significant role in school improvement
  • Improve the quality of writing in reception
  • Ensure that our entry assessment in nursery is more precise

As a school we were aware of these issues and were working on these prior to the inspection. Sessions had already been planned to ensure that the excellent reading and phonic skills demonstrated by our pupils is transferred more readily to writing, especially in KS1. Staff have already received training in this area and further training will take place throughout this academic year. Plans have also been put in place to ensure all areas highlighted as areas to improve will be focused on.

Thank you to all of our pupils and parents who have supported school over the years as a staff we recognise that we are tremendously lucky to have the pupils and parents we have and are delighted that the faith our parents and pupils have had in the education their children have received in recent years has been recognised.