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Welcome to our New Website!

Welcome to the recently launched New Markse Primary School website.

Over recently months, following on from comments raised in the parents’ survey, the school have been working with a Redcar based web company called ‘Itchyrobot’ to design and launch a website that will keep our parents and pupils up to date with news, events and activities at New Marske Primary School.

In the last parents’ survey 62% of parents thought that our website provided up to date information, compared with over 90% of parents who thought that Twitter and ParentMail did. As a school we recognised that the previous website did hold a lot of information that was relevant for parents; policies and other details about the school, but in general, the website was at the bottom of the class when you needed to find out about the things going on in school.

Another area we were concerned about was the lack of information and activities for pupils. The previous website did not have any information that would make a pupil go onto the website, even though we had a range of internet based activities we wanted our pupils to take part in. From launch date on Tuesday the 3rd of May that all changes.

Thanks to a generous contribution from the PTFA and some excellent work from Itchyrobot, we are now ready to launch our new school website. The website will provide a much enhanced range of opportunities to communicate with our pupils and parents. As well as the usual features you would expect to find on a school website: school policies, governor information, contact details and links to performance and Ofsted information, our website will have a range of features that will promote it to the top of the class when you need to find out information about our school.

The website will provide a central location for all of our newsletters. As well as being sent out electronically on a Tuesday, the newsletters will be stored on the website, providing parents and carers with a place to go to when they need to find out about dates or the latest information about school.

The website will contain a ‘Learning Zone’ for pupils which will allow all of our pupils to have access to a one stop shop for all of the school’s internet based resources such as Brainpop and Education City.

The website will have a ‘School Blog’ area allowing staff and pupils to communicate with parents on a variety of topics. This area will be used to provide our pupils with an excellent opportunity to communicate with a real audience on issues from competing at local sporting events through to what it is like learning in a primary school in the 21st century.

The website will contain an real time calendar that will help parents find out about PD Days, school holidays and other important dates that we all need to be aware of.

So take a look around. One particular thing I love about the website are the fantastic pictures of your children learning in their school. You can clearly see that learning and a clear focus on high standards, coupled with enjoyment captured through fun and engaging learning activities, is working well for them and the whole of our school community.

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