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Timetable change


A slight change to the school time table will take place this week which will allow all classes from Reception through to year 4 to take part in an hour long Read, Write Inc lesson. Although the school have taken part in Read, Write, Inc phonics for a number of years, the previous sessions lasted an for half an hour from 10:45am to 11:15am. This session allowed pupils to develop their phonic awareness, providing them with a secure set of skills to help them to read.


From Monday the 7th of November this session will be extended to one hour and moved to 8:50am, so that pupils can use the scheme to develop their spelling and writing skills. All pupils in reception, year one and year two will work in small groups to focus on these areas. Within years three and four the first hour will be split into a Read, Write Inc phonics literacy lesson for pupils who need it and an English lesson for those pupils who do not need a phonic input.

As this lesson affects a large part of the school, the morning timetable will be changed so that playtime and our assembly can fit around this lesson. From Monday the timetable for the morning will be:

  • 8:45am – Registration
  • 8:50am – Read, Write, Inc lesson
  • 9:50am – Assembly
  • 10:05am – Playtime
  • 10:20am – lesson 2
  • 11:15am – lesson 3
  • 12:15am – Lunch


As a school we recognise the good reading skills our pupils have gained from Read, Write, Inc. The scores from our phonic tests have increased from 50% in 2012 to 84% in 2016. Most of this progress is due to the good quality teaching for all of our staff as well as the clear structure provided by Read, Write, Inc. The changes from this week will continue this improvement and will have a larger impact on our spelling and writing across school.


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