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Summer Refurbishment


The summer holidays are a great opportunity for pupils and teachers to take a well earned rest and prepare themselves for the start of the new academic year in September. The summer is also a great opportunity to carry out any maintenance, repairs or refurbishments that are needed and cannot be carried out during the school year. This year is no exception.


Over the past three years the summer holidays have brought about some huge changes to school. In 2013 an archway was placed between the two reception classrooms with the foundation stage being redecorated. In 2014 the ICT suite was removed to make way for a classroom and the library was converted into the Brainspace. In 2015 changes were made to the year 3 classroom with a cupboard being removed and a corridor added.


These changes made some big improvements to school, but this year’s work will be noted by more pupils in school. During this summer all classrooms have had new carpets fitted with all of key stage two and most of key stage one being redecorated. These changes will give  the school a brighter, fresher look as we move into the new year, making the learning environment much more conducive to pupil learning.

As we move towards the end of August, things are beginning to take shape in school. All of the classroom resources which were placed in the hall have now been put back into classes and teachers have been in school to get their classrooms prepared for learning.

During the last week of the summer holiday a school is busy to odd jobs being completed, planning being prepared and classrooms  arranged so that learning can take place as soon as pupils arrive in school. That is happening as I type this and as each day progresses towards Monday the 5th of September, the school is looking more and more prepared for the exciting year ahead.

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