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Success in Maths

Yesterday, we were delighted to receive a letter from Nick Gibb, a schools minister at the Department for Education, congratulating New Marske Primary School on our recent results in mathematics. The letter congratulated our staff and pupils on their hard work in the subject and recognised that 100% of our pupils achieved the expected standard or better last year.

This is a great pat on the back for all of our pupils who worked so hard on the new tests that were implemented last year.  The new, harder tests were a real challenge for our pupils but they worked so hard to be prepared and did themselves proud.

“This means that your school is in the top 2% of primary schools in England for attainment in mathematics.”

Nick Gibb February 2017

The letter also thanked our staff for all of the hard work they have put into the subject of mathematics. The excellent work our pupils did last year did not start in year 6. The foundations were built upon year after year and this is why they have been so successful.

As a school we are continuing to improve our standard in mathematics. After our Ofsted inspection in July 2016 we have been focusing on our use of mathematical vocabulary across school. We have already seen improvements in this area.

So well done everyone. This is a real thumbs up for the work our pupils are doing in mathematics and a pat on the back for the hard work of our teachers.



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