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Sports Day 30th of June 2016


As we enter the final half term, we start to think about the end of year events that often take place within a school; the end of year productions, the transition to the next year groups and sports day.

Information has been provided in the school blog about transition and the end of year production and we have confirmed that sports day this year will take place on Thursday the 30th of June at 1:30pm. The afternoon will consist of a series of sporting activities for all classes and all abilities. This year, due to the European Football Championships, there will be a range of football related activities for our pupils to take part in which will add to the overall excitement of the event. Hopefully England will be as fully engaged in the competition at that stage, as our pupils will be in Sports day and the afternoon will celebrate the fun that can be obtained for competing and working with others.

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As well as providing a great opportunity for family and friends to come into school and see our pupils taking part in sport, the day also forms an important part of our ‘Sainsbury School Games’ strategy to involve more pupils and parents in sporting activity. Over the year we have held the incredibly successful Rugby and Cross Country festivals which involved parents and pupils and this increased focus on sporting activities has lead to more success for our school teams. On the 7th of June our year 6 cricket team came runners up in the cluster cricket competition and will now go onto represent the cluster at the area finals, which indicates how this improvement is being seen across school.


We hope you can join us for sports day. It’s a great opportunity to come into school, see your child compete, as well as pick up the bug yourself for being active.

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