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School update 26th June 2020

Dear parents/carers

I hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather at the moment. It has certainly warmed things up in school and left a few clammy, exhausted pupils feeling quite tired at the end of the day.

In this school update, I would like to bring your attention to a few areas of importance that will provide information about the ideas we have for returning to school in September.

Unless I am instructed otherwise, I am intending to open school to all pupils from the 3rd of September 2020. This start date comes after two PD Days for staff. The full list of PD Dates for the next academic year are as follows:

  • 1st September 2020
  • 2nd September 2020
  • 23rd October 2020
  • 29th January 2021
  • 25th June 2021

The start dates for our nursery and reception pupils will be slightly different to the whole school.

Reception and Nursery

Within reception, so that we can allow for a smooth transition from nursery into reception, pupils will attend school on Thursday the 3rd to Wednesday the 9th of September from 8:45am to 12:00pm. This will allow pupils to establish their routine of returning to school. From the Thursday the 10th of September to Tuesday the 15th of September, pupils will attend from 8:45am to 1:30pm. This will allow pupils to have dinner in school and to increase their stamina for attending. From Wednesday the 16th of September, pupils will attend school full time: from 8:45am to 3:15pm.

Blossom Tree Nursery will open from the 3rd of September, with the main school nursery opening from Monday the 7th of September.

During the next week, parents of pupils who plan to start in reception in September, will be contacted by Miss Dixon to arrange a Zoom meeting, when the transition to school will be discussed with parents. It is also hoped that over the next three weeks parents of pupils who intend to start in nursery from September, will be contacted by the nursery team.


Wider School Reopening

At the moment all staff are preparing for a full school return in September. Children have been allocated to classes and classrooms have been allocated to teachers. Even though all of our staff are engaged in supporting the school to facilitate the wider reopening, staff are starting to prepare plans for the return to school on the 3rd of September.

When pupils return to school in September, we expect that attendance will be compulsory, with any issues to do with attendance being dealt with in the usual ways. Our main focus within school for the first half term will be the safe return of pupils, activities to support the mental well being of our pupils and work to support the development of mathematics, writing and reading. Although there will be a limited curriculum during these 7 weeks, pupils will still have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities in school. All of this work will support our pupils as we reengage with our full curriculum from November.

All of these plans are dependent of a number of factors. Although the government had stated a clear intention to get pupils back into school, it has also warned that if there are localised spikes or any issues to do with coronavirus in communities, they could take the decision to have a local lockdown.

There is also the possibility that some restrictions, such as limiting classes to mix or maintaining a staggered start to school could affect the school day, but these will be looked at as soon as we are informed.

Our continued aim from September is to ensure that a full return to school does not risk the safety of our staff and our pupils. I will take advice from the Department for Education and Public Health England to ensure that the steps we take do safeguard anyone who comes into school. As soon as we know more information about plans for next year, I will keep you informed.

Pupil Reports

From the week commending the 6th of July, parents will be sent their child’s annual report with information about their class teacher for next year and any further information that could be of use.


Yours faithfully


Mr Dooris

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