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School update 15th June 2020

Dear parents/carers

As school enters its second full week of wider reopening, we now have classes of keyworkers, nursery, reception, year 1 and year 6 pupils in school. I have been absolutely delighted with the way pupils have returned to school and the way that parents have stuck to the guidelines about one way systems pick up and drop off times, keeping ill children away from school and different ways of working.

At the moment, we have around 55 pupils in school. There are currently 9 classes in school with around 26 members of staff in school to teach these classes. After speaking to teachers there is a general consensus that pupils have adapted well to the new systems in school and even though pupils do still find it very difficult to socially distance, they are washing their hands, adapting to new ways of working and adjusting well to new friendship groups and teachers.

Even though we have a small number of pupils in school, I am concerned about the lack of education for the remaining pupils across the school. With pupils in Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 being away from school since March the 20th, I know that this length of absence will have a significant impact on their mental wellbeing and their educational potential.

On Tuesday the government dropped its intention to get all pupils back into school before the end of the year and left the decision about how this could happen to head teachers. With this in mind, we are currently looking at the possibility of getting some of our year groups back into school for sometime before the summer break, but unfortunately, there are some limitations we have in being able to do this for the whole school.

The first limitation is staffing and the second, space. With the currently guidelines stating that pupils should not be in classes of more than 15 and should maintain a bubble so that pupils are not taught by different teachers, I am limited to having two teachers per class, with a maximum of 8 classes of 15 (reception to Y6) and 2 classes of 8 (nursery).

Thank you to all of the parents who contributed to the recent survey asking if you would be willing to send your child/children into school at some stage before the end of term. This survey does not guarantee that more pupils will return, but will give school an idea about how plans could be made to make this happen. These plans will have to take into consideration our risk assessment, class sizes and staff in school.

Please look out for a communication at the start of next week looking at possible suggestions for a return to school for some pupils.

Yours faithfully

Mr Dooris

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