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Parents’ Survey


“The teaching staff are amazing, the school beautiful and I would recommend the school to others.”


Many thanks to all of the parents who completed the recent parents’ survey. I have been handed the results and I am very pleased with the positive view our parents have about our school.


“Staff always make me feel that they are approachable with my child’s needs. My child has made so much progress since being at this school. She’s also gained a friendship level with other students, where her other school she struggled to make friends. My oldest child is always coming home telling us about the new things she has learnt. You can tell by the way she is telling us that she has enjoyed what she has learnt.”

The wonderful thing about a survey is it allows a school to look at the areas that are working well and the areas that can be improved. This survey did both of these things.

The survey highlighted some areas of real strength.

100% of our parents agreed with the statements:

  • I feel welcomed when visiting school
  • The school has a welcoming and friendly environment

It is pleasing to note that our school is a welcoming place for parents and carers as often approaching the office or class teacher about an issue is the first way to highlight a concern. Our parents feel confident that they can do this.

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No parent disagreed with the following:

  • The school is well led and managed
  • The school staff and governors are approachable if you have a concern /issue
  • My child is making good progress
  • My child is taught well
  • My child receives a broad and balanced curriculum
  • My child finds the work stimulating and interesting
  • My child feels safe at school
  • My child is well looked after at this school
  • The school’s system for rewarding & praising children is effective

I am delighted that a no one disagreed with the key work we do in school: teach children. The fact that no one could disagree with the statements that their child is taught well and is making good progress is extremely positive.

Other areas also showed an improvement. Last year 65% of parents thought that our website provided up to date information, this year that has improved to 95%

Although the percentage of parents who thought that their child received appropriate homework for their age and ability has roughly stayed the same, 87% in 2015 up to 91% in 2016,  the percentage of parents who strongly agree with this has more than doubled from 23% to 48% and the number of parents who disagreed with this statement has fallen from 10% to 7%.

All in all the survey was incredibly positive. Only 8 out of the 34 statements scored lower than 90% in agreement, but as with all surveys there is always an indication of what further things can be worked on to make further improvements

One of the statements which brought about the highest number of disagreements was:

  • I find my child’s attainment report  clear and helpful

82% of parents agreed that the report provided useful information, with one parent commenting:


“The new reports are great. A good explanation of how it works too. My child’s teacher is very in tune with his style and needs… “

This was contrasted with another parent commenting that:

“The new report system is very confusing, (I) would prefer the old system. You should not need instructions on how to interpret a report.”

Over the course of next year we will review the report format to make the report clearer to parents. As this was the first year we have reported without levels, we have identified some points that will help parents further next year.


Another area which has a slightly larger percentage of disagreements was the statement:

  • I am aware of how fundamental British Values are promoted in school

8% of parents parents disagreed with this, with 15% commenting that they did not know. Over the course of the next academic year we will continue to promote fundamental British Values within school and will work harder to ensure that parents are aware of how we do this. The following link takes you to some information that was posted in May about what fundamental British Values looks like in school.


Only 70% of parents agreed that:

  • school offers dinners which are healthy, well balanced and value for money.

Only 3% of parents disagreed with this, with 27% of parents indicating ‘don’t know’. When looking at the ‘don’t knows’, the vast majority of those responses were from nursery parents who do not have children taking school meals.

Over the coming weeks we will discuss this issue with Mellors, our catering provider, and see if the concerns about lack of choice for the last class in or increased flexibility can be addressed.

“I would like an option to mix packed lunch and dinners. I cannot afford school dinners 5 days a week.”


“If they are in last, there is a limited choice.”

The final point we will be working on based on the results of this survey was the statement:

  • The school deals effectively with bullying in school 

82% of parents agreed with this, compared to 62% last year, with 6% disagreeing with this statement. The large percentage of ‘don’t knows’ (32%) could be because parents have not had any issues regarding bullying. Over the coming weeks we will share information about what we do to prevent bullying within school. Click on the link below to access the Bullying Policy.

Bullying Policy

For the full results of the survey, please click on the link below.

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