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Parents Letter

9th September 2020


Dear Parents/carers


Minimise contacts; Maximise distance


After the week back at school, I thought I would contact you to highlight a few important areas which the school, parents and pupils will need to work on to ensure that social distancing is correctly carried out for the safety of everyone in our school community.


School Entry and Exit

Generally speaking, school entry and exit is working well. One concern we do have as a school is the early entry of some pupils into class. Due to teachers having a specific start time to be in their classrooms and the importance of avoiding any unsupervised pupils being in school, it is really important that pupils go into their class as near to their allotted time as possible.


As a school we do understand that there are some parents with a number of children who could have a wait of up to 30 minutes between children entering school. If this is the case, we recommend that the family leave the school premises and then return at the correct time, or continue walking the circuit around school. This will prevent pupils being in class too early, or pupils and parents waiting in the playground until class starts.


For exit, staff have been informed this week to release their class as near to their allocated finish time as possible. Parents should also arrive in the appropriate playground as near to the allocated time as possible. If parents are having to wait in the playground, we do expect social distancing to be adhered to, with no mixing between different households. To help support this, from today, we will be removing the cones in the KS2 playground so that parents can spread out more easily, thereby allowing more distance between households.


Although a decision has not been made by school to make it mandatory to wear face masks on school premises, if parents wish to do so, it would be welcomed.


Contact with teachers

From this Thursday the 10th of September, a new contact email address will be established to allow improved communication between parents and teachers. This email address can be used to allow parents to contact teachers; raising any concerns or issues that a teacher needs to be aware of. This will also prevent increased interactions between parents and teachers at the end of the school day.


If there is an urgent need to discuss an issue with a parent, we recommend that this happens away from the class being dismissed and at a distance of more than 2 metres. The emails addresses for classes will be:






On Friday the 11th of September, school will be releasing a short survey to assess how parents feel about the education provided by school, as well as assessing how parents feel about the current measures to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading within school. In case of an outbreak the school will have to provide a more structured provision for classes and the survey also asks questions about IT provision at home so the support from teachers can be correctly targeted. Please can you ensure that you do take part in the survey as it does help to provide a good view of the parents view of school.


Yours faithfully


Mr Dooris

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