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Parents Letter

18th September 2020


Dear parents/carers


Remote Learning

In line with the government’s recommendation that school’s continue to teach a planned and well sequenced curriculum in case of a further lockdown. I am contacting you to let you know about the school’s plans for remote learning in case of lockdown or in case of pupils having to isolate at home.

Within school we are very much aware of the challenges parents are facing regarding obtaining tests for children if they are sent home from school with symptoms of coronavirus. It is advised that pupils should only request a test if they have one or more of the following symptoms:

  • A temperature above 38.1°
  • A new and continuous cough
  • Issues to do with taste and smell

If your child is ill for reasons not related to the above, they should not request a test and if absent from school, return when they are well. If your child does have one or more of the symptoms, they will need to have a test before they return to school, with the results of this test being shown to school. During this period, the whole family does have to isolate.

To help support pupils and families during this time, from Monday the 21st of September, the following procedures will be implemented.

Pupils absent from school due to illness or waiting for a test

If a child is sent home for being ill, or sent home with symptoms related to coronavirus and is waiting for a test or the results of a test, no extra work will be provided by school. For this short term absence, pupils will be expected to continue to read at home and access some of the schools online resources such as MyOn reading and Education city.

Pupils absent from school due to self isolation – (a family member has tested positive or the family have been contacted by track and trace)

If a pupil is having to self isolate for 14 days, work will be provided by the school to the pupil to continue to access their work in class. The family will be contacted by the class teacher, with details of how they will access the curriculum. This will primarily  be pupils accessing lessons via Office365 or Zoom, or completing paper based tasks based on the topics in class. Participation in these tasks is not optional, with an expectation that the pupil take part in all activities.

Pupils absent from school due to a positive coronavirus test

Contact will be made with the family to discuss the well being of the pupil and the potential of them accessing school based resources if well enough. If towards the end of their 10 day isolation period the pupil is well enough to access resources, these will be provided by the class teacher.

Class, key stage, or school isolation due to a positive test within school  

If a class, key stage or the whole school is sent home due to advice from the local health protection team, a full two week programme of activities will be sent home for pupils. This will include teacher delivered lessons via Office365 or Zoom, work based on the curricular studies in class, assignments and feedback to children. If classes are sent home, the two week programme will detail the activities that will be provided and the tasks set for children.  Participation in these tasks is not optional, with an expectation that pupils take part in all activities.


As we enter out third week of our full return to school, we are still adapting and adjusting our procedures to ensure that the safety or staff, pupils and school community is paramount, as well as ensuring that pupils are still able to access and vibrant and lively curriculum. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support during this time as following the rules in place in and around school is the only way we can all work together to ensure that any impact of coronavirus can be minimised in school and in our community.


Yours faithfully


Mr Dooris

Head teacher


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