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New Meal Choices

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Within school we work with Mellors Catering to constantly review the school meal choices our pupils have. At present we have around 150 pupils who regularly take a school dinner and this guarantees them a nutritious, well balanced meal every day of the week.

From Monday 13th of June the weekly menu will change providing a range of different meal choices for our pupils. Based on comments from pupils, as well as analysis of popular and less popular choices, this menu will provide a number of new meal options for our pupils. There will still be a hot meat choice, a vegetarian choice as well as a jacket potato option every day, as well as a range of puddings, biscuits or fruits for dessert.

The menu cards will start at Week 2 and will then follow the normal weekly sheet as per the school calendar.

week 2

Weekly choice starting the 13th of June.

week 3

Weekly choice starting from the 20th June.

week 1

Weekly choice starting from the 27th of June.


We are confident that these new meal choices will be well received by our pupils and have already heard that the ‘Chicken Parmo’ on week 2 Thursday will be very popular. If you have any comments about the school meals, please pass these onto the school office as any comments about what we can do to ensure that our meals are as good as they can be will be gratefully received.

To download the full menu, please click on the following link.

New Marske Published Menu June 13th

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