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Internet Safety

 Keeping children safe online

Keeping safe on the internet is something pupils and parents must always think about. Knowing what to open, click or download is something we try to teach our pupils in school, but with the wide access pupils have to information technology, that is never easy.

When speaking to our pupils we know that they access the internet on tablets, mobile phones, computers, laptops and games stations. Keeping a track of these is always difficult, but something that must take place to ensure children are safe.

Within school we have a number of ways to make pupils safe. All of our internet services are filtered within school. If a pupil deliberately or accidently searches for an unsafe site, it will be blocked. All of our pupils are supervised when they are in the Brainspace, the area where we have a large number of PCs, and all pupils are told that if they come across a page or site that makes them feel uncomfortable, contact a teacher.

The most effective way to keep pupils safe is to make sure you talk about their online activities. Tips to keep children safe include:

  • Keep your computer software up to date

  • Use antivirus software

  • Set parental controls on devices

  • Talk to your child about cyber crime including cyber bullying and sexting

  • Be supportive and interested in your child’s online activities

  • Make sure your child knows their options if they are suffering any type of cyber crime

By knowing what your child is doing on the internet it will allow you to develop a better understanding of how they act when they are online. If you have any concerns about what your child is doing online or need to make school aware of trends or activities that can put pupils at risk, please contact the Designated Leads for Safeguarding in school: Mr Dooris (head teacher) or Miss Cuthbert (reception teacher)

For more information about online safety, please read the attached leaflet from Cleveland Police. The leaflet provides information about passwords, identity theft and general rules for online safety. 


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