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FAQs about coronavirus

THe Galileo Multi Academy Trust have provided the school with some information for parents about the coronavirus.


Frequently Asked Questions re Coronavirus

Keeping Students Safe: Preventing the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) at Galileo Academies

Last updated 12 March 2020


What is the academy doing about the coronavirus?
The situation is being monitored daily, and the advice from Public Health England is being followed about dealing with any suspected cases of the virus in school.  We are encouraging all students and staff to ensure they wash their hands thoroughly and regularly, sneeze or cough into a tissue or their elbow, and avoid touching their faces.

Is my child safe in school?
As long as children follow the advice given, they are as safe in school as they always have been.

I’m worried my child is at risk/has a weakened immune system.  Should I keep them at home?
All children should attend school as normal, unless they are showing any symptoms of the coronavirus, or been advised to self-isolate by their GP or NHS111.  Typical symptoms include fever, a cough and breathing difficulties.  Everyone should follow the guidelines of thorough and regular handwashing, sneezing or coughing into a tissue or their elbow, and avoid touching their face.

Will you take a decision to close the school?
This will be a difficult decision to make, and will only be made after intensive consultation with Public Health England.  You will be kept fully informed by letter, text (if applicable) and via the website if this situation becomes necessary.

Will the academy be carrying out a deep clean?
We will act in accordance with the advice from Public Health England at all times, and if a deep clean is necessary, this will be done

How will you keep me informed about the situation?
We will write to you, text you (if applicable) and update our websites to keep you informed.  If appropriate, we will also use social media.

Are children still allowed to have breaks and lunch together?
Yes. These can continue as normal.

Can I still pick up and drop off my children as usual?
Yes.  Parents are encouraged to drop off and pick up their children as they normally do.  Changing this routine could lead to safety risks.

Will swimming lessons still go ahead?
Yes. For the time being, swimming classes will still go ahead, unless the government guidance changes

What about enrichment activities?
Enrichment activities will still go ahead until we tell you otherwise.

How will all this affect the school day?
Classes will continue to run as usual.  School dinner halls can remain open and staff meetings can go ahead as normal.

Who can I contact for more information about the Coronavirus?
Please call NHS111 or check the Public Health England website – https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/public-health-england


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