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150th Anniversary Celebrations

As part of our 150th anniversary celebrations of education in New Marske, we were delighted to invite parents, grandparents, ex pupils and staff and other visitors to help us celebrate this wonderful occasion.

It was fantastic to see so many visitors keenly looking through the old records to see the names of grandparents and family friends. Ex pupils were looking to find pictures of themselves and friends in old photographs and many a person enjoyed bumping into teachers who used to work in school years ago.

 To add to the celebrations, each year group had produced a large workbook about each decade in the past 150 years. The books included writing, photos and artwork about the given period. This, coupled with a performance from each class about the decade they had studied, really brought to life the history we studied in school.


Many thanks to the many parents who supplied pictures from their time at school and to Miss Patterson who has collected a huge range of historical information about our school for our pupils and parents.

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