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World Book Day

World Book Day 

World Book Day was a great success throughout school and we would like to thank our parents and pupils for putting such a great effort into costumes and outfits for the day. The main aim of the day was to highlight the importance of books and the joy of reading. Throughout the day pupils had the opportunity to ‘drop and stop’ for reading – dropping everything to pick up a book; read with other classes as well as carrying out tasks based on their favourite books. This involved redesigning their favourite book cover or generating a story based on picture clues. 

In every class there were a variety of costumes based on a variety of book themes. Throughout EYFS and Key stage 1 we did have a lot of superheroes. Most classes had at least two supermen, a bat girl and a teenage ninja turtle, but as well as that there were a range of other costumes that certainly got everyone thinking. We had a Skellig, a character from a book of the same name by David Almond. We had James from ‘James and the Giant Peach‘ by Roald Dahl and we had a few Mary Poppins from the book by P L Travers.

Across Key stage 2 one of the main themes was Harry Potter. We had a few Harrys and Hermiones, but we did not see a Ron. We had boys dressed in skirts inspired by the David Walliams book, ‘The Boy in the Dress‘ and girls dressed as boys with Alex Rider from the Anthony Horowitz series of books represented. I was delighted to see that we had one girl dressed as a suffragette, inspired by Lisbeth Kaiser’s book ‘Emmeline Pankhurst‘. So it is clear that books in school are used to entertain, educate but also inspire.

We had teachers dressed as Oompa Loompas from Roald Dahl’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‘ and Alice from ‘Alice in Wonderland‘ by Lewis Carroll. All in all the day was a great success with pupils participating eagerly in all of the tasks on offer.

To help school finish the celebration of World Book Day, a number of pupils were selected for their wonderful outfits. These pupils were rewarded with their own book which, you never know, could be the inspiration for a costume they wear next year.

The winners were:

Reception: Zac Addison

Y1: Joseph Stockhill

Y1: Amelie Yarker

Y2: Molly Trainor

Y2: Grace clark

Y3: Josh Stonehouse

Y3: Eleanor Stapely

Y4: Lucas Bednarz

Y4: Jacob Sievert

Y5: Olivia Pinchbeck

Y6: Alfie Rutherford and Indie Holmes Moorehouse.



Well done everyone. We can’t wait for next year!

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