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Sports Day

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We were delighted that the rain held off and the whole school could take part in sports day on Thursday the 30th of June. Prior to this event, the nursery sports day had to be cancelled, so we were even more determined to ensure that the main school sports day could take place. Sports day within any primary school is a great opportunity for family and friends to come into school and see their loved ones competing in a range of activities. For us as a school it also forms part of our work to engage with our wider community so that everyone can see that sport is something everyone can take part in. Over the course of the year we have held our rugby and cross country festivals which have brought more families, friends and the wider community into school to watch our pupils being active.

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For this year’s sports day we decided to change some of the activities so that there was more of a football theme. Our original plan was to use this day to celebrate England’s success at the European Championships, but sadly there was not much worth celebrating there. Nevertheless our pupils were keen to show off their footballing skills and the activities were well received by pupils and parents alike. Pupils were able to take part in the javelin throw, football dribbling, a 70m sprint, shooting; with a football as well as the classic egg and spoon and sack races. All year groups, from reception to year 6, thoroughly enjoyed the activities and you can tell from the photographs from the day that our pupils really love being active.

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The event was incredibly well supported by parents with lots of cheering, clapping and congratulating seen and heard across the school field.  The day was competitive, with pupils working hard to earn points for their house teams with the overall aim of winning the Sports Day Cup. All of our pupils competed fairly, with a large round of applause for the house team ‘Endeavour’ at the end of the day when they picked up the trophy.

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Endeavour house captains picking up the Sports Day Trophy

We have been really pleased with the way our sports festivals have been received by our school community this year and look forward to holding them again in the next autumn, spring and summer terms.

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