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Assembly topic: tolerance


Every two weeks there is a whole school focus which enables all of our pupils to think about a specific topic. This is then the theme of the whole school assembly as well as class assemblies during that fortnight. This focus is based on either the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child or the fundamental British Values which are important for us to uphold.

The theme between now and Christmas is tolerance. As a school we regard this as a fundamental British value; something that we want our pupils to be aware of and demonstrate across school and in their life outside of school. During Monday’s assembly, the school reviewed the meaning of the word. Our pupils linked tolerance with fairness and respect and this was linked to examples of where people have or have not been tolerant. During the assembly it was agreed that tolerance is about treating people fairly regardless of where they live, their religion, the colour of their skin or the beliefs they have. By treating people fairly and with respect regardless of these features, our school and community will become more tolerant of others.

During the assembly we linked tolerance to kindness; the quality of being generous, friendly and considerate. Even if we do not get on with someone in class, we can still be kind. Even if we are not playing with someone at playtime, we can still ask them to join us.

Over the next two weeks our pupils will have the opportunity to think more about kindness with our 12 Days of Christmas Kindness. This activity will help our pupils to recognise that the best way to develop their tolerance and kindness is by starting at home. Over the next two weeks pupils will have a range of kindness tasks to carry out with a space on their card to record the date and what happened. The 12 tasks are:


Week 1

  • Ring a grandparent or relative and ask if they are okay
  • Tell a joke to someone to cheer them up
  • Leave money/change in a charity box
  • Clean the dishes after a meal
  • Make a Christmas ‘thank you’ card for someone
  • Pick up litter in your neighbourhood

Week 2

  • Say ‘thank you’ to someone who has helped you
  • Leave a nice message on a sticky note for someone and take a picture
  • Help somebody to be able to do something
  • Donate a book, clothes or food to charity
  • Buy or bake something for someone
  • Put together a goodie bag and give it to your postman, a police officer, the fire station or another important member of society.


The tasks are mainly aimed at pupils doing things for others, primarily family and friends. The tasks do not take a lot of time or a lot of money and will help our pupils to recognise that by spreading the message of kindness they can help people in their family and school become more tolerant of others.


For more information about the themes during the year, please look at our Fundamental British Values and Collective Worship policy in the policy section of the school website.

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