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Assembly Topic: School Rules

The assembly topic for the start of our summer term was’ Our School rules’. If you look all around our school you can see many posters and pictures of our rules. We have them in the playground, in classes and even in our entrance to school. These rules are the important rules that keep our school the good school it is.


  • We always do our best.

  • We are always polite and friendly to everyone.

  • We respect everyone and everything in our learning environment.

  • We behave sensibly so that everyone is safe and happy.

  • We are always honest and truthful.


During this assembly we discussed why we have these rules and why it is important to follow them. It was emphasised that it is not up to parents, or teachers to make pupils follow the rules; it is up to pupils. No one can make you do your best, only YOU can make yourself do your best.

The assembly discussed what a school would be like it it had the opposite rules to us. A New Marske Primary School where the logo is not the sun popping out behind three green trees, but a dark cloud indicating that everything is not right. The rules for this school would be:

  • We don’t do our best.
  • We are never polite and friendly to everyone.
  • We hurt everyone and break everything in our learning environment.
  • We behave disrespectfully so that everyone is unsafe and unhappy.
  • We always lie.

The assembly discussed how awful a school like that must be? Rider raised the point that if a teacher said that 3 x 7 is 21, would you believe them? How would the school be able to purchase enough equipment if it was being broken all of the time? How would children feel walking down the corridor when they know that they could get hurt or upset by someone?

The main message from the assembly was that it is up to us to stick to the rules. When we do, we have a good school that everyone is proud of. How do we know that this can happen? We know that because Ofsted have said that it what they saw when they last visited.


  • Pupils are proud of their school. Their attendance is good and they value the support they receive.
  • Pupils’ behaviour around school is good and they show positive attitudes to learning. These good attitudes contribute well to their spiritual, moral, and social development.

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