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An interview with our Chair of Governors

What job did you do before becoming a governor and did you enjoy it?
I worked for a company called ICI and was a manager of a team who looked after business records/documents at Wilton
The last ten years of my career I was part of a divestment team ( people who manage the sale of businesses) dealing with the intellectual property part of the sale both in the North East and North West .
I very much enjoyed my job, it was interesting and busy !! but also sad as we were selling off the company I had worked for, for many years
What did you enjoy about school and what did you want to become (career-wise) when growing up?
I attended an all girls school so had many friends. My favourite subjects were English and RE. and I enjoyed sports. I played hockey and netball for the school. I wanted to become a teacher  and as one of my favourite lessons was RE that was the subject I wanted to teach.
What inspired you to become a governor?
I was approached by the then Chair of Governors, Cllr Norah Cooney  and asked if I would be interested in becoming a governor. I think as I had wanted to be a teacher when I was at school  and did not realise that ambition I was inspired to be part of something which would allow me to give something back to help ensure all the children in school could reach their full potential. I find it a privilege to have been allowed to do this.
I  have grandchildren at the school so I also have a vested interest too!!

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