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Child Friendly Coronavirus leaflet

April 3, 2020

Please click the link below for a child friendly explanation of the coronavirus.   Child Friendly Explanation of Coronavirus.pdf

School Resources – Tackling Tables

March 18, 2020

Tackling Tables is an activity used from Y2 upwards where pupils have the opportunity to practise their multiplication tables and recognise the number sentences that support the tables. For example,…

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School Resources – Brainpop

March 17, 2020

All pupils from Y3 upwards have access to Brainpop. Brainpop is a fantastic resource that uses two characters - Tim and Moby, to explain concepts as diverse as 'Rainbows' and…

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School Resources – Encyclopedia Britannica

March 17, 2020

As parents we all know how worrying a random internet search can be as a range of unpredictable sites and links always have the opportunity to pop up. Within school…

School Resources – Education city

March 17, 2020

Education city is a great resource which allows pupils to access and range of English, Maths, Science, computing and French activities targeted at specific age groups in school. Each pupil…

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Year 2 fundraising

January 28, 2020

Many thanks to our thoughtful year 2 pupils who planned and organised a cake sale to raise funds for the Australian Wildfires. The pupils have been studying Australia over recent…

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