Tackling Tables is an activity used from Y2 upwards where pupils have the opportunity to practise their multiplication tables and recognise the number sentences that support the tables. For example, pupils learn that 3×4=12 is the same as 4×3=12, but this is also linked to 12÷3=4 and 12÷4=3. Within school, classes use the card based version of the resource. They work in pairs to hold up cards and test each other using the sentences mentioned above. At the end of the week, pupils are then tested on 100 question in 5 minutes. Pupils can only move on when they have got 100 correct answers in 5 minutes.

Around school pupil wear badges to show which standard they are at. When pupils complete multiplication and division facts for Blue, Green and Red challenges, they can wear a badge as a sign of their achievement in that area.

The resource increases in difficulty, which means that pupils start with simple multiplication tables. this then leads to into division facts, missing numbers and multiplying and dividing by fractions and decimals.

From March 2020, the school are rolling out the online version of Tackling Tables. This gives pupils the opportunity to practise their times tables at different levels on their own or with another person. The resource also allows pupils to test themselves and record a score.

To access this resource pupils need to log into the tackling Table site and click on the log in button on the top right hand corner.

Once in, pupils need to register with their School reference: NMP and enter their username and password supplied by their teacher.

Click here to access the Tackling Tables website

Click here to download a parents leaflet about Tackling Tables Information for Parents