As parents we all know how worrying a random internet search can be as a range of unpredictable sites and links always have the opportunity to pop up. Within school ensuring that pupils have access to safe, reliable information is really important for our pupils and that is why we use Encyclopedia Britannica to provide safety and security for our pupils when accessing information.

The resource can be accessed via the ‘Learning Zone’ of the school’s website. After clicking on the link, you will need to log in with the code: nmar. Once in, a pupil is present with three levels of learning they could access: Foundation, intermediate and advanced. Each of these stages adapts a page of learning for pupils and allows them to access information at their level.



As they explore the resource they will find that there are a range of videos, articles and links about topics searched that have been checked to ensure they are suitable for primary aged children. This is a great reassurance for teachers in school as, rather than a YouTube or Google search that can throw up anything, as the materials referenced are safe.


Please click here to go to the Encyclopedia Britannica Page.