Education city is a great resource which allows pupils to access and range of English, Maths, Science, computing and French activities targeted at specific age groups in school. Each pupil in school has their own individual log in which provides them with their own account to carry out work on their own, or work set by the class teacher.

When pupils log into Education city, they can see a screen that allows them to take part in a range of activities.

This includes classwork, homework, revision, subjects and success. The fantastic thing about Education city is that when taking part in work, if you do not do very well in it, it will set revision for you to focus on that area – getting better and achieving more success. The resource also has a range of tests that children can take part in and these are not restricted to their own year group. Pupils can use tests and activities across the whole resource.

All pupils have access to Education City outside of school so activities can take place at any time. Most activities can now be accessed on a range of devices, so pupils can use phones, tables and computers to access work.

Please check if your child has their Education city log in and give it a go.

Click here to go to the Education City log in page.

Click here for a Education City Parents Leaflet