Remote Learning

During this period of national lockdown, from January 4th 2021, the school will deliver a series of blended learning activities for pupils in school and those working at home on remote learning. The main aim for these tasks is to:

  • Ensure that all pupils receive a planned and sequenced set of activities that link to their year group’s curriculum.
  • Ensure that pupils who alternate between in school and out of school provision, take part learning activities that allow them to progress through the curriculum
  • Allow new content to be delivered to the whole class
  • Teach a range of subjects
  • Utilise the school’s suite of high quality on line resources
  • Ensure a manageable workload for school staff

Learning Activities

Learning activities across school can be provided in a range of ways. The length of time expected to do this is on average around 3 hours a day across a cohort, but this could vary depending on the age and stage of the pupil.

After a survey of our remote learning provision was carried out after the first lockdown in March, parents of pupils within school requested a balance of paper copy activities for pupils, as well as on line tasks and activities. Within this in mind, teachers will prepare hard copy activities for pupils which will allow them to take part in learning without the need for a computer. Over the course of this lockdown, a timetable will be provided to parents and pupils so they know when to come into school to pick up and drop off learning packs.


Providing timely and helpful feedback is a cornerstone of good teaching and learning, and whilst this may be more challenging with remote learning, teachers will endeavour to provide regular feedback to learners on pieces of work that they are required to submit. Under normal circumstances, not all pieces of work are formally assessed by teachers and this would continue to be the case during this lockdown.

Teachers will ensure that when learning packs are handed back to school, they will be reviewed, with feedback provided to pupils about this quality of work. This could include:

  • A focus on specific areas of learning – for example, feedback on new areas of learning
  • Providing whole class feedback rather than feedback on individual pieces of work – this is an effective way of providing feedback, supported by findings from educational research
  • Using the “Comments” function on online documents or Microsoft Teams
  • Sending a direct to learners with specific feedback / targets
  • Feedback via another website / piece of software

Expectations of Learning

There is an expectation that all pupils take part in all activities set by the class teacher. This will ensure that an potential learning gaps are minimised within classes. If pupils are having difficulties accessing learning activities or there are any issues accessing hardware or the internet, please contact school so that all avenues can be explored to address any concerns.

For further information about the remote learning provision within school, please click on our remote learning policy below.

Remote Learning Policy 2020